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                About Us

                The Leading Global Provider of Genomics Services and Solutions

                Leveraging the latest next-generation sequencing (NGS), bioinformatics expertise and the largest sequencing capacity in the world, Novogene provides unsurpassed data quality and fast turn around time to all our customers.


                State-of-the-art Sequencing Platforms

                Novogene selects the best technology from Illumina Pacific Biosciences, Oxford Nanopore and Life Technologies, in our state-of-the-art sequencing centers in California (USA), Cambridge (UK), Singapore and China.


                Defining New Industry Standards in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) - Falcon

                Novogene officially launches FALCON in 2020, the first fully automated, intelligent delivery system in the NGS industry. This platform provides highly efficient, reliable and flexible sequencing services.

                Beijing Headquarters

                Novogene Co., Ltd.
                Novogene Biotech Co., Ltd.

                Tianjin Sequencing Center & Clinical Lab

                Tianjin Novogene Bioinformatic Technology Co., Ltd.
                Tianjin Novogene Med LAB Co., Ltd.
                Tianjin Novogene Technology Co., Ltd.

                Nanjing Sequencing Center

                Nanjing Novogene Bio Technology Co., Ltd.

                Hong Kong Subsidiary

                Novogene (HK) Company Limited

                U.S. Subsidiary & UC Davis Sequencing Center

                Novogene Corporation Inc.

                U.K. Subsidiary & UK Sequencing Center

                Novogene (UK) Company Limited

                Netherlands Subsidiary

                Novogene Netherlands B.V.
                Novogene (NL) International Holding B.V.

                Singapore Joint Venture & Sequencing Center NovogeneAIT

                Genomics Singapore Pte. Ltd.
                Novogene International Pte. Ltd.

                Novogene Japan K.K.

                Novogene Japan K.K.


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